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5 Reasons Why Companies Reduce Their IT Employees

In the past few years, there has been a noticeable rise in layoffs in the IT sector. 37% of IT Employees have recently lost their jobs, according to Business News Daily. This trend started during the pandemic. For IT specialists and the businesses they work for, this is not an  Continue Reading »

Choosing Between In-House IT and MSP Support

Dependable IT support is essential for all firms in the current digital world. Having the right technology in place is crucial to remain efficient, secure, competitive, or current in your field. In the end, you also need competent In-House IT specialists to manage all these technological requirements.  Whether to work  Continue Reading »

5 IT Red Flags for Your Company

Businesses these days depend on technology to run their various activities. Although IT has advanced significantly and is now crucial to the expansion of many businesses, it is still far from ideal. As technology advances, there is a greater possibility of problems arising from improper or inappropriate usage of it.  Continue Reading »

Hacker AI vs. Security AI

Artificial intelligence is an amazing field of technology that pretends to be smart like humans. AI tools get knowledge that lets them do things that humans usually do through machine learning. As you might guess, this technology is helpful for almost everyone. But it also comes with security risks, especially  Continue Reading »

How to Keep AI from Being Used Against You

Many of the changes that make business operations better are thanks to AI. The bad news is that AI has also brought us bigger and scarier security risks since hackers use it for bad things. In fact, there has been a rise in the number of data hacks lately. Today  Continue Reading »

AI Was Used to Breach These Major Businesses

Hackers are using Artificial intelligence (AI) to breach businesses. This topic has been the subject of many discussions in recent weeks. Adopting these new algorithms for social engineering and other hacks makes it much easier for hackers to infiltrate systems. Sadly, these are no longer only theoretical conversations. Hackers using  Continue Reading »

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