Backup & Recovery

Leverage the cloud to keep your data secure, recoverable, and compliant.

Businesses without a backup plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

A single data breach can destroy your business so it’s critical to have a comprehensive backup plan in place. Our cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution is one part of the plan, tailored to your business’s size, data storage needs, and number of users. And your information will be stored on multiple on- and off-premise servers so you can retrieve it within moments after disaster has struck.



Whether your data is at risk of being damaged from virus infections, system failures, natural causes, or careless employees, Midwest Data Iowa’s backup and disaster recovery solutions have you covered. We automatically create multiple versions of your data and transfer them to a secure, off-site storage for maximum availability.

Features of Midwest Data Iowa's Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Automated Backups

Protect against data loss with a backup system that is constantly updated and monitored

Fast Recovery

We restore your data quickly, so your business can get back on track in no time


We monitor your backups and make sure your data is backed up as planned every day

Customized Program

We configure your backup solution to best fit your budget and data storage needs

Midwest Data Iowa backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure you meet all compliance standards, including: HIPAA, GBLA, PCI, & ISO.

Put an end to your tech headaches

Midwest Data Iowa makes that as easy as it should be

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