It’s been years since cloud computing became available to the public. Even though thousands of companies have modernized their business operations using cloud solutions, countless more continue to be skeptical of this tested technology. Despite the many benefits of using the cloud provides businesses, there are still some who are reluctant to adopt it. What is it they are afraid of? Today, we are going to focus our conversation on this topic. 

Not Keeping up with Technology?

Even though there is now indisputable proof that the cloud presents many workable opportunities for business growth, we have asked around and have found some frequent worries from cautious business owners about why they are still holding back. Let’s look at a few of their concerns. 

Security Fears

With the continuous increase in cyberattacks and data breaches, it is understandable to have concerns about security. Cyberattacks and data breaches are on the rise. If we store our data on the cloud, is there an increased risk compared to our current security measures? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about the possibility of hackers breaking into the data and the corporation itself? If even one piece of this information falls into the wrong hands, the damage to your company is impossible to predict. 

Privacy when using the Cloud

In a similar vein, businesses are concerned about the loss of data privacy. This problem intensifies for companies operating in sectors that collect and store sensitive information. Health and medical records of patients, financial transactions involving bank accounts and statements, and even employee and customer personal information are a few examples of sensitive data that internet attackers frequently target. Storing this data in the cloud seems dangerous from the perspective of many people. 


One more concern that proprietors of companies have about the cloud is the possibility that it will not always be reliable. What happens if the internet connection is unreliable or painfully slow? What happens if the provider of the cloud service encounters a period of downtime on their end? These occurrences, without a doubt, have the potential to cause significant harm to business operations. 

Cost when using the Cloud

Because today’s cloud technology is so advanced and multifaceted, many proprietors of businesses mistakenly believe that the associated services are too expensive for them. Because of this assumption, they have continued using traditional storage systems rather than taking a chance on new cloud solutions, which, ironically, have the potential to open the door to unexpected data loss.

Difficulty in using the Cloud

Fear of the unfamiliar has been present throughout history. When personal computers became available to the public, many people were reluctant to use them because they seemed too complicated. It happened again a few years later when e-mail and instant messaging first gained widespread use. And now, the same anxiety regarding cloud complexity exists. Businesses are concerned that they might not be a benefit to their operations if they use it. 

No Need to Be Afraid Anymore!

The cloud technology that we have now has solutions for all these problems, which is good news. Therefore, if you have any of these concerns, please let us put your mind at ease. 

You are invited to download our Free Infographic on the Cloud. You will find a variety of information here, such as the many advantages of transitioning to the cloud and how the migration can be simplified with the help of a managed service provider (MSP). 

The cloud opens a whole new world for businesses, and we can’t wait for you to explore it. Give us a call when you’re ready. We will help you migrate your data so you can finally take advantage of all the benefits and possibilities this new technology has in store for your business.