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Factors to consider when building your IT network

February 28, 2020

IT networks are a business’s nervous system. Having one that’s designed well guarantees your business won’t drop its internet connection, slow down employee work, or corrupt data during a file transfer. It’s that your IT network performs optimally under stress without compromising information security. To realize those goals, you must  Continue Reading »

An essential checklist for WordPress users

February 21, 2020

Wake up. Take a shower. Get dressed. These are just some of the numerous tasks we do every single day. They may not be fun, but they are essential to our daily routine. Managing a website is very much the same. By going through certain necessary steps, you can ensure  Continue Reading »

Increase productivity with Office 365 and Surface

February 14, 2020

Microsoft recently showcased Surface, a line of touchscreen-based laptops and tablets that run on the latest version of Windows. These gadgets boast compact builds, sharp displays, and other top-of-the-line specifications. And the best part is, all of these devices can integrate seamlessly with Office 365 to help you achieve optimum  Continue Reading »

What can unified communications do for your business?

February 7, 2020

Unified communication is a great opportunity to leverage several different communications platforms to reach suppliers efficiently, maintain a good flow of internal information, and interact with customers effectively. What is unified communications? Unified communications (UC) allows you to manage all your communications as one piece of architecture rather than as  Continue Reading »

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