The internet has made the business landscape more competitive, where everything is faster and more interconnected. With just a few clicks or taps on their desktop or mobile device, customers can order food, clothes, and any other imaginable product. But with so many options on the web, there’s a big chance that your company may be overlooked. In today’s crowded business environment, how can you stand out?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can give you a competitive advantage and help you deliver top-notch performance. It is an efficient, scalable, and affordable tool that businesses can use to enhance communication and get ahead of the competition.

VoIP technology is not new and has, in fact, been around for over two decades — just several years after the internet was born. The timing wasn’t coincidental; after all, an internet connection is what makes VoIP communication possible. During VoIP calls, digital audio packets are sent and received between two IP connections, regardless of where these parties are in the world.

And compared to traditional phone lines, VoIP setup is faster and clearer. It’s the better, more reliable choice for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) trying to impress their client base and make a name for themselves.

SMBs will also find that VoIP deployment is affordable, a perfect match for those with conservative budgets. For one, VoIP phone solutions don’t require additional hardware because they simply need plug-ins to function, while traditional phone systems need intricate lines and telephones. Overall, businesses can save up to 60% when they switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP.

SMBs can also enjoy the following benefits when they transition to VoIP:

Improved productivity and better collaboration

VoIP makes it easier to multitask because of its many useful features, which may contribute to higher employee productivity. For instance, a feature called conference bridge allows employees to add three or more people to a conference call, making it easier to discuss matters with several people at a time and facilitate team decision-making. VoIP also integrates with most commonly used apps like email and various customer relationship management (CRM) software, increasing workflow efficiency, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

More engagement with customers

Unresponsive help desks, late replies, and inactive social media pages may drive away customers. Be responsive to their needs by using VoIP on applicable platforms. When someone inquires about your business on Facebook, use VoIP technology to contact them and explain your products or services thoroughly. You can also utilize VoIP to get immediate customer feedback and gain insight on how you can improve on what clients like or dislike about particular products or services.

Uninterrupted connections

With traditional phone systems, you risk losing service during business hours due to service interruptions and incidents like natural disasters. On the other hand, hosting your virtual phone systems allows you to redirect calls during unplanned outages, and plan around scheduled ones. With VoIP, you don’t have to worry about not being able to respond to customers or not meeting deadlines because of downtimes.

Scalability and customizability

Cloud-enabled phone systems eliminate the need to purchase additional hardware, so it’s easy to scale up or down depending on your business needs. On top of that, most VoIP providers allow you to choose and customize the tools you need to support your business. If you don’t really need video conferencing, for example, then you can opt for a messaging platform instead. This way, you solve technology problems without having to pay for unnecessary services, letting you save further on phone costs.

Mobility to go the extra mile

VoIP gives you the advantage of taking your business anywhere and frees you of phone lines that tether you to the office. Address customer issues while out of town, work with your colleagues without leaving the house, or reroute calls to mobile devices so you don’t miss them.

With VoIP, you can streamline processes, improve your bottom line, and serve your customers better. Partner with Midwest Data Center, and gain the competitive advantage you’re looking for. We are the trusted IT partner of businesses in Iowa. Call us today to discover how you can leverage technology today.